Our Vision
Posted Aug 1, 2018

Pinelands Soccer Association

Vision Statement / Plan  "The Vision or Mission  of the Pinelands Soccer Association is to provide the foundation and  environment that will produce the best soccer players."

In  order to make our vision become reality, the following plan is being  proposed:

Recreation:  Known as the "Pinelands Soccer Academy"

Players  will receive:

1.  Ball 
2.  Soccer tee shirt or jersey 
3.  Trophy 
4.  10 weeks of skill development training & small sided games twice a  week 
5.  Sunday Afternoon Scrimmage Games 
The  recreation plan is to move to a “Clinic” setting which will  concentrate on skill development and small-sided games from ages U-5 to  U-12. All age groups will have 2 training  sessions per week and Sunday afternoon games. On game day, the  players will be divided up equally pending the number of available  players within that age group and play organized games. We want all players to play as much as  possible without sitting on the sidelines waiting to enter the game.

The  skills that we will focus on in each age group is as follows:

Practice  session to last one hour.

Every  player to have a ball at their feet. 
All  skill drills to be associated with “fun” games so the players do not get  bored. 
The  focal points of training will be: 
1. The  layout of the field. 
2.  Throw-Ins 
3.  Introduction of “touching” or “trapping” the ball with all parts of the  body. 
 A) Head 
 B) Chest 
 C) Thighs 
 D) Feet (Inside & Outside) 
4.  Dribbling (Change of direction & spinning with the ball.) 
5.  Direction of play (Which goal are we trying to  score on?) 
6.  Passing (Inside of foot) 
7.  Shooting 
8.  Introduce the Goalkeeper position. 
9.  Rules of the game.

Establish  skill/drill stations to limit the number of players per coach.

All  practice sessions to end with small sided games.

Focal  point of training to be the same as U-5 with more challenging drills.

Practice  sessions to last 1 1/2 hours. 
Every  player to have ball at their feet. 
Periodic  evaluations to occur to establish a record of players who may be ready  to go to traveling teams. As soon as enough  players are ready, encourage a traveling team to be formed and approved  by the board.

The  focal points of training will be: 
1. Rules of the game. (Offside,  direct & indirect kicks, penalty kicks, etc.) 
2. Positioning 
3. Foot skills 
4. Trapping 
5. Passing (Inside & Outside of Feet) 
6. Shooting 
7. Introduction of Containing & defending (marking) 
8. Dribbling (Change of pace & direction) 
9. Introduction of Dribbling moves (Step-over,  Power-step, Scissors, etc.,) 
10.  Introduction of Communication (Talking to teammates during the game.)

All  practice sessions to end with small sided games.

Focal  point of training to be the same as U-7 with more challenging skills  & drills. 
Periodic  evaluations. 
Practice  sessions to last 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 

Periodic  evaluations of all players. 
Identify  female players who may be ready to go traveling. (We  need to jump-start a strong Girls Soccer Program.) 
The  focal points of training will be: 
1. All  training methods listed in the U-8’s with higher degrees of difficulty
2.  Minor tactical training. 

3.  Stress in greater detail the following: 
 A) Containing & Defending (Marking) 
 B) Communication in game situations. 
 C) More Intense Dribbling moves & “fakes” 
 D) Passing & moving to space 
 E) Positioning Roles & Responsibilities 
 F) Possession of the ball. (Stressing  “Keep-away”) 
4. All practice sessions to end with small sided games. 
*U-9  is the age that we want to encourage as many players to go traveling as  possible.

U-10  through U-12 
Practice  sessions to last at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 
Periodic  Evaluations of all players. 
Focal  points of training to be the same as U-9 with a greater degree of  difficulty. 
Keep  the program going through this age to keep all players playing in the  spring. 
Evaluate  at the end of the Spring Session how many players will be left in our  Recreation Program at this age group and then determine what to do in  the fall. 

Coaching  Responsibilities: 
1.  Gain a minimum of an “F” license. 
2.  Attend mandatory coaching clinics held by Pinelands Soccer Association. 
3.  Gain the interest from as many parents to join our club. 

Traveling  Teams:

1. All Pinelands Soccer Association Traveling Teams will  be wearing the same uniform. All established teams that purchased  uniforms will utilize them until the next purchase. At that time all  teams must purchase & wear the designated uniform. 
2. Establish  one common league of play at the U-9 level and above. (MOSA) Any U-7 or  U-8 traveling teams formed will play in Jersey Coastuntil  they reach U-9 and at that time will play in MOSA
3.  Pending Board approval, special circumstances will be considered if any  team is ready to compete at any higher level of play. 
4. All  traveling teams will play in at least one tournament per season. 
5. All  traveling teams will have a “Club” designated trainer assist in  training sessions throughout the season. 
*All  traveling teams will assist in the funding of the club trainer in their  registration fees. 
6. All  traveling coaches will be required to attend coaching clinics held by  the club designated trainer. 
7.  Establish annual evaluations on all traveling players. 
8.  Establish a High School Traveling team. (Boys  & Girls)