Game Time
Posted Aug 1, 2018

Prohibited During the Game

a. Players are not permitted to wear jewelry, earrings, pony-tail clips, pins, rings, snap buttons, zippers, hooded sweat shirt, or any other clothing or item likely to become snagged or injurious.

b. Players wearing orthopedic casts are not eligible to participate. Some casts may be padded and used with the referee and approval from both coaches.

c. Please do not chew gum during practices or games.

d. During the game, no parent or coach should be by the goals unless approved by both coaches.

e. Parents, except for Div. I, are not permitted on the same side of the field as coaches and team parents.

f. If a player is fighting on or off the field, the following actions will be taken:

  • A first offense will result in the player being barred from playing the next game.
  • Second offense will result in the player being barred for the remainder of the season.


PSA provides each player with a jersey. Players are responsible for cleats, shin guards and socks that cover the shin guards. Baseball cleats may be used as long as the shoes are modified with the front cleat cut off.


Coaches will distribute game and practice schedules to their teams during the first week of practice. Coaches please give three days notice to reschedule referees and fields

Attendance Policy

Players are expected to attend all practice sessions and games. Please call your coach if you cannot attend either. Please be respectful of the time and effort your volunteer coaches put forth to teach your player this "Beautiful Game".


All players are expected to be on time or early for all practices and games. Players should be on the field and ready to play 20 minutes before game time. Players should warm-up before games and practices to avoid potential injury.